my recipes

Check out these links to visit my site made especially to hold all of my recipes! You can find some of the recipes from my posts here, and some from my picture page as well, but it's not limited to those! I've tried to put pictures with as many as possible, but that's still a work in progress :p As always, feel free to leave comments or questions.

*I've put in some headers on each of the recipes about food allergy information. Many of these recipes are vegetarian, vega, gluten-free, and or soy-free and I have labeled them as best as I can, though most of them could also be MADE to the standard of these diets by omitting or replacing a few ingredients. I left that up to the cook though since they know what they're doing better than myself I assume. If you find something has been labeled inaccurately, please let me know so I can change it, thanks! Here is the key:

VT = Vegetarian (contains no meat or fish, but may contain eggs, dairy, or honey) 
V = Vegan (contains not meat, dairy, or animal products whatsoever)
GF = Gluten-Free (contains no wheat products or bi-products, though some ingredients may be or may not   contain wheat depending on the brand so i tried to make note of those ingredients)
SF = Soy-Free (contains no soy products, though certain ingredients may or may not contain soy-biproducts depending on the brand and manufacturer so I've tried to make not of this. This is usually the case with processed ingredients and many Asian foods)

Starters & Snacks~
Cilantro Lime White Bean Dip, (VT, V, GF, SF)
Our Favorite Stuffed Mushrooms (VT, SF)

Cabbage Seaweed Rolls (VT)